Breed: Shepherd/Husky Mix
Gender: Male
Age: Born Dec 1, 2023, (5 1/2 weeks old)
Size: 13.4 lbs (Medium/Large when grown up)
History: First born of seven siblings to beautiful Momma who was rescued at a dump relying on her own instincts to survive. Hoss is usually the first one to the lunch counter and practicing very hard to start walking.
Temperament: Hoss is very sweet and calm and just starting to notice his other siblings.
Personality: A few more weeks of life and Hoss’s personality will come shining through, at this time his only interests are Food and Naps.
Personality: Hoss is just a lovely boy, has grown to be 13.4 lbs, still calm and patient and takes things in stride, doesn’t get too excited in new situations, likes to observe before he jumps in to play and he is a gentler than his litter mates and they seem to respect him for that!

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