BREED: Husky/Shepherd/Lab mix
APPROX. AGE: 1 year old
HISTORY: Lived on streets in N. Saskatchewan until Feb 2019. 2 weeks at animal rescue, 2 weeks in foster in Golden BC.
TEMPERAMENT: Playful, curious, affectionate, energetic, social.
PERSONALITY: Howser is a young pup still who just wants to play and be with his people or other dogs. He hasn’t shown any aggression towards people even when being made to do things he doesn’t like… e.g. baths. He’s happiest being in quiet areas, trails and our yard out of town. Cars and crowded areas make him anxious which presents as high energy pulling at his leash. He tries to chase cars. He loves to play. Given the opportunity to hang with other dogs he engages well with them with no aggression. I haven’t seen him around any aggressive males however, and I’m sure he would try to stand his ground. He doesn’t mark at all in my house as the only dog. He did however go to town trying to mark at the dog groomers, likely because of all the other dog smells. I’m hoping that being neutered on Monday will help with curb these tendencies.
BEST MATCH: Active family, with or without kids. He’s still young and learning how to be a good pet, some habits we’re trying to break wouldn’t be a great match for young children include jumping up when excited and mouthy playing. It’s not aggressive but playful nips that he’s starting to get aren’t allowed.
FAVORITE THINGS: Belly Rubs, face scratches, treats, chew toys, running.

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