BREED: Lab mix
AGE: 9 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium, 50 pounds
HISTORY: Came through the local Animal Control in northern Alberta. They looked to a rescue organization help him get socialized.
TEMPERAMENT: Jack is a bit afraid when not knowing someone due to his history of not getting around people when growing up, hence a little Leary. Once he knows he is safe and loved, he quickly is a very sweet, grateful, happy boy. He is a low ranking dog with middle type energy. Outdoorsy and up for hiking and running, jogging, and relaxing in the house, calm, well mannered.
PERSONALITY: Jack is outgoing, super playful with other dogs his size and wants attention from people soon as he feels safe. He arrived fearful of people and being touched. He now seeks out attention. Jack is quite smart so needs someone to help utilize his brain and teach new things.
BEST MATCH: An active adopter to take him out into the world for further socialization, who understand to go at Jack’s pace, and ideally, another young doggie playmate with energy. Outdoor sports would be right up Jack’s alley. We recommend a home with adults only and another again, and young playful dog and also a yard to run in together. Jack now plays for hours per day with his pack buddies. At first standoffish, now, raring to go! An adopter with time to put in to teach basics with Reward Based Training. A fenced yard highly recommended with a playmate. No cats and not recommended with families with children since Jack can be scared of new things that move fast. He’ll adjust a time goes by and he receives positive, new experiences, which he is receiving….and to continue upon adoption.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food! After going hungry, this pretty boy definitely is excited to see food! His blue rubber ball from the shelter. And anything he is able to chew and run around with—but mostly, prefers other dogs to play with.
NOTE: Jack is not good with cats. He cannot be free outside since he would chase and harm them. He needs a home with no cats around.

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