Jade (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd/Greyhound/Pitty mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: Born Feb. 5, 2018
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Very loving, playful, curious, sweet puppy that loves attention. Raised with lots of handling and loving affection.
BEST MATCH: Adopter who has an active lifestyle who wants to train a pet using reward based training and make a part of the family. Another dog to play with is best!
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with siblings, toys, eating, cuddling and sleeping.
PLEASE NOTE: The puppies will be available for adoption soon. We will be looking to adopt a puppy with the adopter fostering a second puppy for a few more weeks so the puppies have each other to play with. If applying, please let us know your interest.

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