Jake (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: German Shepherd/Malamute mix
AGE: 1 year 2 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: medium/50 pounds
HISTORY: Was adopted from Paw Pet Haven in Saskatoon in June 2019. He litter was brought down from up North Saskatchewan First Nations with his 5 siblings. Jake was surrendered to us at 1 year of age by his family that had him since he was a puppy. Please inquire if interested for more information. 
TEMPERAMENT: Jake is curious, extremely smart. Intuitive. Up for adventure! Outgoing.
PERSONALITY: Jake is very smart. He would do well with someone that would teach him new things, opportunities to use his brain. Reward based training.  He is eager to please, just needs to know what you want. He is very happy, curious, outgoing, playful.  Love attention from people and dogs.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Never been around cats! Enjoys playing with children, very curious about other pets.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Needs to be  given the opportunity to learn Manners and ranking with family setting. Can show aggression around food and his toys. He is learning to be more patient and realize guarding behaviour is not permitted, to instead, accept we humans can take his toys, and that we also allow him to have them on our terms.
BEST MATCH: An experienced and responsible pet owner and leadership skills and of a high energy dog. We do not recommend with children. We do not yet know about cats, but for now would not recommend. Please inquire if interested and have a cat. An adopter with outside lifestyle of running, hiking, biking, ski-jouring Jake would love! He enjoys playing with other dogs, so another large or medium dog in the household would be a bonus. An adopter willing to work with guarding behaviour. We will also guide adopter how to do this. Jake has already improved immensely since being with us. In winter he would be great at ski-jouring, and in summer, bike-jouring:)
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other big dogs. Running. Sniffing around outside in the forest.   Learning new things. Dog toys:  stuffed animals, rope toy, playing hard with other dogs his size or larger.

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