Jasper (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Husky Cross
APPROX. AGE: 3 years old
HISTORY: Jasper was rescued from far Northern Alberta and when he came he really struggled with being around other dogs, had a very high prey drive, was extremely stubborn, and definitely a handful! Since then, Jasper has learned to look to his alpha human for the lead, and progressed immensely in his training.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: NOT GOOD WITH CATS! Jasper still has a very strong personality and is a very smart and independent thinker, but has since learned to cohabitate with other dogs provided his human maintains his training. He listens well to firm command, but will take advantage of anyone who is slack with his training or doesn’t take the lead as the Head of Household. He is fine with children and other dogs, even when other dogs are aggressive with him he is well behaved as long as his human remains calm as he will often look to his human for direction as to how to behave.
BEST MATCH: A strong willed person who is ready to be the alpha and pack leader. Must be very active, as Jasper goes on many hikes and walks and never tires.
FAVORITE THINGS: His favorite thing is camping! He has been camping nearly every week since he was rescued, and loves the time roaming around near camp and off leash. When called he always comes back, as his fosters have been very consistent in his training and have great control. He also loves fetch but after 3-4 good runs he’s usually done with bringing it back. He also loves water and when combined with fetch, he is a master retriever!

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