BREED: Border Collie mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 year, 8 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium/Petite
TEMPERAMENT: Not your average pet dog. She was previously feral, a homeless dog growing up as a puppy with no one to hold her, snuggle or socialize her. She’s been with us getting socialized with other dogs and loves to play with them now. She’s very fearful of humans and will run into the trees in the yard. When inside the house though she’s happy to go lay inside the dog bed and be very quiet she doesn’t like anybody to know she is there. If you go next to her bed she will get up and quickly moved to the other side of the room. Jazzy a compassionate and understanding Adopter that wants to work with her socialization and pick up where we left off with getting her rehabilitated, meaning learning to teachers humans. It can happen it is a somewhat slow process depending on how much time you invest in hand feeding, having her in an environment where she’s near people, a calm quiet place and above all another very playful and balanced dog her size or larger. She loves to play with dogs now being she learned how much fun and enjoying they are. Julie loves their companionship, just housing and snuggling. But does ran off if a human outside or near her.
PERSONALITY: Jazzy is very shy, her personality is the one insecurity around other people who are in the dogs barking her. She is submissive by nature, very quiet.
BEST MATCH: Jazzy needs a home with a secure fence backyard, another place balanced playful dog, and then adopter that understands her limitations as she learns to trust people. Jazzy is fine around cats and all dogs, but we don’t recommend a home children since she is afraid people. Jazzy is not our first feral and extremely fearful dog and all of them come around to trust people and become a wonderful in time. They need somebody to give them the opportunity to believe in them, do it for peace, and love them regardless of their insecurity.
FAVORITE THINGS: Jazzy loves her meals. Many dogs that we were starving do you tend to act like they’re always hungry, in due time they become less anxious but they’re getting their meal. She loves playing dogs she knows and trusts, and getting treats.

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