Jelly (ADOPTED!!)


SEX: Female
BREED: Border Collie Cross x Bernese Mountain Dog Cross
AGE: 10 weeks (as of Aug 18)
HISTORY: PB’s Momma, Molly, was found pregnant in Northern Alberta near the reservations, shortly after coming into our care, she gave birth to 3 puppies, but sadly, only PB and her sister, Jelly, made it.
PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Jae is a little smaller than her sister PB, and prefers to hang around her Momma a little more, but she’s a playful girl as well! She’s curious, and has shown her foster family that she can be mischievous, clever, and tough! Jae has already learned to come and sit just like her sister!
FAVOURITE THINGS: Puppy toys, running, and wrestling with her sister.

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