Juliette (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Saluki mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 5 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium-Large (when full grown)
HISTORY: Found on the streets of Saudi Arabia with a broken probably by a car. A kind woman could not bear to leave Juliette laying there so took her to the vet. She had surgery on her leg. A pin was inserted and she was on cage rest for 3 weeks. She can walk well now. When she was in foster care she went on fairly long walks without any problems. She is vaccinated and microchipped. She would not have been able to find a home in Saudi Arabia, hence, her rescuer flew her to us.
TEMPERAMENT: Juliette has had a difficult start to life so she is placid and quite timid when she first meets new people or other dogs. She warms up when she understands that she is not in danger.
PERSONALITY: She is a quiet and affectionate dog.
BEST MATCH: Someone with patience and understanding Juliette will need more socialization, basic training, and learn rules and boundaries.
FAVORITE THINGS: She likes walks, affection from humans and treats.

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