Kalu (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Hugarian Kuvasz
GENDER: Female
DOB: July 1, 2013
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large / 90 lbs
HISTORY: Grew up first two years with another dog, gets along with everything after meeting, never met a cat, never hurt anything not even the bunnies. Lived at a marina, been living in small apartment last four months due to a devastating fire at her home, hence, now needs re-homing.
TEMPERAMENT: Happy, barks at dogs from the car and lately on walks, fine upon meeting, stubborn, strong willed and strong physically.
PERSONALITY: Loving, goofy, sensitive and smart
DOG’S NEEDS: An experienced pet owner of large dogs. A home that has land for her to roam and owners outside to spend time with her. She needs to get out and be socialized around other dogs.
BEST MATCH: An owner that enjoys outdoor activities since she has a thick coat and likes the snow. An adopter who is not a pushover, rather a leader type. An adopter who has time to further Kalu’s basic training and take hiking. A home with another large or medium dog would be good but not critical. She is a working dog, so an adopter who has interest in dog sports would be ideal. So would a home on a farm, ranch, or has large yard and land.
FAVORITE THINGS: Her human friends that love her, dog friends, bones, being close to people.

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