BREED: Saluki Retriever Mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 18 months old (Approx)
HISTORY: Kara and her sister Tara came to rescuers attention in Qatar in the Mid East by pure chance in June of last year when stopped at a quarry site to feed a couple of stray dogs and security told me they had been feeding 2 pups for 4 weeks because their mother had gone missing. The rescuer, Scot in Qatar, went to have a look and found them both living under a container, and with summer fast approaching decided and heat is extreme non stop around 150F and up he couldn’t leave them even though he had a dozen rescued dogs back at his place. He took to his home with my own dogs and other rescues. Kara has been there 15 months.
TEMPERAMENT: Very sweet, completely Non-Aggressive. Outgoing.
PERSONALITY: Kara is very self-assured and loves to be the boss around the other dogs. She can be wary of new situations since she has not had opportunity to be out of her rescued home, but quickly gains her confidence. Kara has a great personality and is very loveable.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Unknown but she is non-aggressive and loves to play so I think she would be great around certainly older children. Likely a great choice for home with children. Boundries taught is important, rules, leadership.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: She has been around a lot of dogs doing well. Does need ongoing socialization since not given the chance the last month.
BEST MATCH: Given the confidence and playful nature of Kara I thing she would be suitable for a family with older children or a young couple, with or without another dog. Adopter to take her to parks, hiking, outdoor activities to run and play. Reward based training, she loves to learn!
FAVORITE THINGS: Kara loves playing and chasing around after the other dogs but also being a Saluki cross also loves cuddles and belly rubs. She enjoys walks on the leads but can be scared by suddenly movement and new noises. Loves going out in the car. Would love dog parks and hiking!

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