Kilo (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Newfoundland Cross
SEX: Male
APPROX AGE: 9 months old (as of December 2018)
SIZE: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Kilo was rescued from a First Nations community in Manitoba near Flin Flon. Since being brought into the Rocky Mountain family, Kilo has slowly been coming out of his shell as he was very timid when he arrived at his foster home. He’s been been learning that daily experiences are not actually scary.
TEMPERAMENT: Kilo is a smart, calm pup who has been great in the house, and quickly learned not to potty indoors. He was worked with his fosters on his basic commands, including: come here, sit, down (for lay down), bring it, drop it, take it, outta there, watch out, go get it, on your bed. Kilo has been working on crate training, and has quickly learned that he will be okay waiting in his crate for a few hours until his humans to come home. At night he has been given free roam in the house, and has been sleeping on his doggy bed in the same room as his foster mom. Kilo will play fetch with his foster momma, but he only plays it to please her rather than because he likes it! He has no fear of noises (clanging pots, blender, beeping timers), but he keeps close to the strange vacuum cleaner thing, in case it gets out of line someday! Kilo is still most comfortable with women, but he has met some men that he likes, along with his teenaged foster humans who seem to share his current home. All of his apprehension toward men disappears when Kilo is in the company of other balanced, confident dogs. Kilo is very submissive when meeting new dog buddies, but he is a master at “speaking dog” and has played great with every dog he has met so far. Kilo currently lives with two cats, who tolerate his presence, but Kilo would like to play with them. If the cats run….Kilo follows, but he can be quickly redirected to play with a toy or do some basic training for treats! Kilo tries very hard to be friendly and he is learning that a quick sniff and one lick is all that he gets to do with these cats!
BEST MATCH: An adopter who has a balanced dog in their home and who is patient and understands that many experiences are still new for this pup. An adopter who is willing to continue with positive rewards-based training, and who will understand that Kilo is still learning that cats don’t want to play the same way as dogs do. A dedicated digging spot in your yard may be useful, as well as an understanding that Kilo warms up much quicker to women, and will need more socialization towards men..
FAVOURITE THINGS: Food, being told that he did something “good,” playing with other dogs, food, car rides, getting brushed, hiding the “dry your feet” towels, burying bones and toys in the yard, his stuffy toys, deer antlers.

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