BREED: Husky/Shepherd mix
AGE: ~1 year old
HISTORY: From Inuvik, developed aggression towards strangers while at the SPCA in NWT since had little opportunity for socialization due to Human Resources.
BEST MATCH: Experienced large dog owners, preferably either without dogs (but maintain dog friends) or a mellow dog. Responsible pet owner that can keep strangers from petting Kodiak. He doesn’t like people he does not know petting him, is leery since was not handled as a puppy and now in rehab for socialization. Experienced large dog owner. Has another playful dog would be good. Someone who can commit time and patience to training. Needs lots of exercise, attention. Excellent scent sent work—good for nose work or search and rescue.
FAVORITE THINGS: Belly rubs, food/treats, being outdoors hiking, fetch/playtime

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