Kuma (ADOPTED!!)

Breed: Husky/German Shepherd mix
Age: 2 years old
Size: Medium/Large
Temperament: Kuma is affectionate wanting attention, someone to teach him what he should do. He is a middle ranking boy with lots of love to give.
Personality: Kuma is outgoing and a bit needy. Good around other dogs but hasn’t been playing, don’t think he ever learned. Needs adopter to help him learn to play.
Best Match: An adopter who can take Kuma out to dog parks to exercise: running, no children since gets nervous when children are loud and running around. Adopter with leadership experience. Firm but fair, sets rules and boundaries. Outdoor lifestyle since had nice coat for snowy days. Experienced medium or large dog owner.
Favourite things: Going places, playing ball, loves to play tug of war and fetch a ball, affectionate and wanting to learn. He’s never had a chance to excel, to learn basics, to follow directions. He was mostly a backyard dog type of pet that didn’t get out much for walks, no hikes, no training. But he’s learning fast at the Rescue Centre!
NOTE: Will chase vehicles if not on a leash so no off-leash walking and needs training to ignore moving cars.

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