Lassie (Adoption Pending)


BREED: German Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Approx. 2 yrs old
HISTORY: She was born on the street in Lebanon. I believe Stella is her mom. She follows her everywhere. Rescuer got to know of their existence due to two puppies that got lost from their pack. After that she started putting food and water for all of them, they were a big pack of puppies. First she took in the two she found who are still with her and not adopted and found homes for 3 others. After all the puppies were gone she took all 6 remaining dogs spayed and vaccinated them. She has been feeding and taking care of them for a year. A couple of weeks back an ignorant cruel man decided to put poison to kill all stray dogs in the area. He killed a lot of dogs cats and few wild animals, 3 of the dogs she was taking care of. The rest she took into her house in order to keep them from being poisoned. Lassie was poisoned but thankfully was able to save her, unlike some others.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: She is easy going. She is great with people, can be scared at first but get comfortable with time, she is very playful and loves to jump and hug. She is ver sweet. We don’t know how she is with cats but likely fine. Never tried her with cats. We will know when she flies into Calgary on October 16.
BEST MATCH: Any family who will give time to gain her trust.
FAVORITE THINGS: For a dog that hasn’t had a home, the rescuer can’t quite tell since Lassie has been living on the street since birth. But we can venture to say, same as many dog…walks, dog parks, toys and affection!

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