Layla (ADOPTED!!)

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BREED: Pitbull/Shepherd
GENDER: Female
AGE: Approximately 1 year old
HISTORY: Surrendered from Saskatchewan during a -40 degree spell, and gave birth to 8 puppies four days after arriving at the rescue. When she came to us, Layla quickly learned to trust everyone at the rescue and she would gladly snuggle up with anyone on a sofa or blanket. In the rescue, Layla generally gets along with most dogs, however she has had to defend herself against a few specific dogs, which would all be a direct result of their lack of training and/or socialization.
TEMPERAMENT: Layla is a sweet girl who craves attention of any kind. She becomes quite anxious when she is left in a crate too long, but being able to socialize/play with the other rescue dogs has been great therapy for her. She is a smart girl who is already very good on leash, but will need continued work in this area to reduce pulling tendencies. All volunteers love her. She has gotten in a few fights with dogs that don’t like her and she doesn’t like.
PERSONALITY: Layla is a curious girl who loves to be around people. She always welcomes pets and snuggles, and could go for walks 10 times a day! Her favourite thing, besides shredding her stuffed toys, is to run and wrestle with other dogs, and in doing so, she is beginning to learn how to socialize and “play”. Her current favourite game is playing “tuggy”.
BEST MATCH: Layla would do best with an active couple who are experienced dog owners. They would provide Layla with patience and love, but also teach her boundaries and basic training skills through positive reinforcement, and provide mental stimulation to keep her challenged. She has not had the chance to visit dog parks or go on hikes, and she would desperately love to explore and have adventures with a family. A home with a large yard would be important, and possibly another dog that she gets along with to play with would be ideal as Layla continues to learn to be a “dog” again. Layla’s favourite play buddies are easy-going Ozzy (photo above) and Greta (both also available for adoption).

To meet or adopt Layla, please contact Almost Home Canine Rescue (Calgary) directly at:

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