Lily (Adoption Pending)


BREED: Maltese/Poodle/Terrier
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, 11 lbs
HISTORY: She was rescued in Tijuana, Mexico when her family moved and and her mother Lola and sister Lili were left behind. Her mom and sister now live in Airdrie, Alberta near Calgary. Maybe we can find a home near them so they can see each other again and go for playdates!
TEMPERAMENT: Playful and sometimes shy with people she does not know. Very adorable sweet little dog.
PERSONALITY: Very sweet, endearing, loving, affectionate. She is darling.
BEST MATCH: A quiet loving home. Another little dogs for her to play with would be nice.
FAVORITE THINGS: Attention from people and playing with little dogs.

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