BREED: Jindo/Retriever Cross (Golden Jindo)
SEX: Female
APPROX. AGE: 10 Months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Liz was rescued from an illegal Dog Meat Slaughter House in Korea. The Slaughter House was hidden under a freeway out in a rural area and Go Rescue Korea (a volunteer run animal rescue group) was able to rescue 10 dogs from this sad place. Liz was one of the dogs they were able to rescue.
TEMPERAMENT: Shy, calm, curious, laid back, submissive and timid. Liz has never lived in a home or with people before, so needs someone who is patient and willing to spend the time to show her what love means, and what being cared for is like. Liz has developed the skill of climbing chain link fences though, so will need to be kept under close supervision or in an area where the fence is not easily scaled.
BEST MATCH: Someone who is willing to spend lots of time with her showing her how to ‘dog.’ The adopter would ideally have another balanced dog in their home who can teach Liz the rules, and what she is supposed to be doing. Liz is great with other dogs.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Food, treats, toys, and playing with other dogs

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