Lobo (ADOPTED!!)


NAME: Lobo
BREED: German Shepherd mix
APPROX. AGE: 2 years / 4 months
SIZE & WEIGHT: 28kg Large
HISTORY: Lobo was rescued from a local family that had him tied up on a short chain. He was very malnourished due to not feeding him enough.
TEMPERAMENT: Lobo is outgoing, a middle type ranking dog, would be a good family dog with children or anyone really! He loves new things and adventures, is super friendly and mostly enjoys playing with other big dogs. Another dog for a playmate is what is really needed and daily trips to the dog park where he is very social.
PERSONALITY: Very friendly and energetic. He loves praise, is alert and happily runs to you when you call him off leash.
BEST MATCH: Lobo would do best in a home where he would get a lot of exercise and some basic training. We’re looking for someone with an outdoor lifestyle. Jogging, ski-touring, hiking, maybe another young dog that also needs a playmate and company when owner not home, or adopter with friends and family who have dogs. Someone that can pick up where we leave off with his socialization around strange dogs. Some dog parks may be a good place as long as not too busy and ones where dogs run to a fenced park gate when new dogs arrive. We suggest off leash non-fenced dog parks.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with his friends and romping around. He loves rough and tumble play with his dog friends, thrives on attention from his people but will definitely benefit from some obedience training, especially reward based. He is very bright and would learn as fast as you could teach him.

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