Logan (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Shepherd/Lab mix lab
AGE: ~2 years old
HISTORY: Logan is from NWT and flown to us since no one was adopting him. His previous 
owners reported territorial aggression. They said Logan was great with them but would run into the street and charge at other people and bit someone. (Obviously, Logan should not of been allowed to run into the street). He lived with another dog and children. We have not noticed any territorial aggression since he has arrived. He is somewhat shy and reserved. Likes to watch what is happening from the safety of the dog house. He is now venturing out to play. It was reported at she shelter where he came from he did not play, and only liked females. Here, he likes any nice dog and his best friend is a super friendly Shepherd/Husky male.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: This is the info we received from NWT:  affectionate, very “people orientated,” curious, wary of strangers, territorial.  We have found Logan was very fearful when arrived. Afraid of people, very Leary and not trusting. He preferred to stay in his safe zone of the crate and dog house. He started to venture out after two days to play with the other dogs.  So far he has gotten along well with medium and large dogs. We don’t know about small dogs or cats. For now, we would suggest no small dogs, no cats or children since Logan is a large dog and needs time to learn to trust with people, his confidence raised by reward based, happy voice, praise training.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Logan can be reactive on leash (barks, growls, lunges)  we suggest, a home someone doesn’t want to go out into neighborhoods walking.  Rather, a farm, ranch, acreage would be better and with another dog playmate for company and playing and running together. He had been hit by a car in his previous home (again, they should never of allowed Logan to run free outside in a busy area). Limps on back right leg after physical activity.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: A calm environment. He prefers a more natural type lifestyle with quiet surroundings. Fast movements and commotion would scare him. For a big boy, he was never really socialized due to the isolation he originally grew up in. Does not trust strangers, so would need highly responsible, knowledgeable large breed dog owner to help Logan learn to be more balanced. A pack leader that is some what soft, rather than really firm which would put Logan on edge. He had moderate energy level.
BEST MATCH: Experienced large dog owners committed to doing further training. Would benefit from a calm, confident dog sibling.
FAVORITE THINGS: Affection, comfy beds, stuffed kongs, chew toys, being outdoors.

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