BREED: large kangal breed mix
GENDER: female
BORN: July 4, 2021
HISTORY: Surrendered with siblings.
TEMPERAMENT: Very curious, outgoing, middle ranking, strong willed, determined. Very smart and learns fast. Sensitive nature, but somewhat pushy too.
PERSONALITY: She is a very sweet girl who spends her time either playing with her siblings or following people or other dogs around. She often plays with her toys and keeps herself entertained. She would do best in an active family or a family with another dog to play with.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Lola loves being with children, other dogs, and fine with cats and at this point, good around other animals.
NEEDS: An adopter that can’t set rules and boundaries and proper discipline, has experience with other dogs especially large dogs. An adopter with outgoing lifestyle because she will need a lot of exercise. She’ll need someone to teach at her basic training, door etiquette, and get her to dog parks on a regular basis and leash training.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who has another dog to play with would really be beneficial. A big yard to run in with another dog, she really loves to run and play. Someone with time to go to the dog parks on a regular basis and take her running, biking, hiking, to the beach or lakes. Can get her well socialized and has the time for continual socialization. Not a first time pet owner or anyone with very young children or babies since she will need the time invested for basic training, Socialization, learning how to be a household pet. An adopter good at teaching rules and boundaries. No pushovers! Firm but fair leadership is needed. Someone that comprehends dog behaviour and understands the difference between children and dog psychology. Adventurous adopter to take places with them.
FAVORITE THINGS: Belly rubs, playing with other puppies. Chewing on her toys and chew items. Eating, a bit too! Running in the yard with other dogs. Hiking around the yard, cuddling. Getting attention.

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