Lovely (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Chihuahua/Dachshund Cross (Chiweenie)
SEX: Female
AGE: 3 years old
SIZE: Small (10~ lbs)
HISTORY: Lovely was rescued as a stray in Las Vegas, where she came in with scarring on her back from an unknown injury. She was extremely fearful and timid, and ended up landing herself on the “critical” (kill) list as a result. RMAR was able to pull her off that list when we had a volunteer offer to be a flight buddy for two dogs on her return from Vegas to Calgary.
TEMPERAMENT: Lovely’s personality has really developed while in foster care, she is much more confident, flaunts how adorable she looks, and isn’t afraid to make her opinions known. This sweet baby loves cuddles, curling up beside you, on your lap, in the crook of your neck, in your arms, or anywhere she can fit just to be close to you. Lovely is crate trained, but is not a fan of staying in her crate as she wants to be where the party is.
BEST MATCH: An adoptive family who will give her lots and lots of love, who will bring her everywhere they go and take her on lots of trips and car rides, and to explore new places and go on lots of long walks where she can check out new things and meet new dogs.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Lovely loves playing fetch (but she isn’t so great at bringing the toys back yet), curling up for naps, treats of all kinds, pineapples and other fruits, and playing with other dogs.

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