Lucy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Lab/Husky mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium, 38lbs
HISTORY: Lucy was at the edge of Morley and Cochrane in a cattle ranch that have been living in the trees for a year, starving, and had a litter puppies! The ranch owner contacted Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue for help catching Lucy and her best friend we named Smartie. The two previously had 20 puppies in the woods in a dirt den. Some of the puppies were lucky and went to nearby ranch homes and the others disappeared🙁. Lucy was friendly but leery of people coming close to her. At first Lucy was scared of everything. She didn’t come near her foster parents, she just layed near the kitchen and didn’t move for hours. She didn’t know anything about how to live in a house. After two days she started to come near her foster parents and then started to shake her tail more and more each day. After a week she came to cuddle with them on the couch and was more comfortable. After two weeks she is amazing and the best family dog you can have! She’s quiet, she likes the outdoors(she already went on wonderful hiking adventure with them) and she doesn’t even pull on the leach (she prefers to follow behind you). Lucy will sleep in the same room as you and you won’t know she’s there! She also went camping and of course loved it. She slept in the tent and didn’t move all night.
TEMPERAMENT: Lucy is still shy at first but learns really fast! She can be scared of other dogs but after a while she’s fine. She is really attached to her human so i think after some conditioning she would never leave your side. She is very well balanced.
PERSONALITY: Lucy is a happy girl and really easy going. Her personality will make you fall in love with her because everyone does!
PETS NEEDS: Lucy is an healthy dog. She loves attention and will ask you for it (she gives the best cuddles ❤️)
BEST MATCH: Lucy still needs to work on her first commands. She learned to sit but she will needs a family who can work on basics and take the time to get her more out into the world for socialization, new stimuli, and a little bit with reward based training (she loves treats). She need training on recall so it will be important to keep her on a leash until you are sure. An adopter with another dog would be good, or an adopter who has friends/family with other dogs. She loves hanging out with them.
FAVORITE THINGS: CUDDLES!!! 🤗She loves hiking, camping, walking, she ran beside a longboard and bicycle and she came in a floating boat ride too!!! She loves adventure and being outside with you!!!

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