Lucy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Chihuahua
GENDER: Female
AGE: 3 years old
HISTORY: Uused as a breeding pair. Lived in a barn/kennel. Has not lived in a house.
TEMPERAMENT: Seems friendly and affectionate!
PERSONALITY: Lucy is timid as everything is new. She lived in a kennel in the barn with Coco. Breeder no longer wanted them and was going to shoot them. Lucy is in a Calgary foster home with Coco and six small dogs of the foster. The first night she was so scared she refused to come in, but now she happily uses the doggy door to come in and out. She is crate trained and feels most secure if Coco is with her in the crate. She is also housetrained. She is starting to blossom as she will come close to be petted, but is cautious when doing so. She does well with the fosters dogs and she is starting to play with toys too. She enjoys her daily walks and walks well on lead. Having never been in a home environment before, Lucy is doing very well. She also responds well to mild verbal behaviour corrections.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Seemed fine with other chihuahuas but they were his puppies (two different litters).
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: Not friendly apparently.
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Owner says not good with other dogs.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: She was very friendly and affectionate with me and owner’s family. No aggression shown.
IDEAL HOME: One where Coco is with her due to her bond with him, a quiet environment where owner is retired or works from home, ideally no children or children over 16 yrs old, plus an owner committed to socializing her with daily long walks (ideally offleash parks at some point), and introducing her to new things. Lucy is a very sweet dog.

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