Lucy (ADOPTED!!)


BREED MIX: Great Dane
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 3 Years old
SIZE: X Large
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Surrounded to a crowded shelter so little os known about her past. Due to her breed and personality she wasn’t doing well in the environment. Lucy came to us via one of our rescue gals we’ve been working with for years.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Lucy is a typical dane. She loves to be included, will take a few days to settle into a new family but bonds quickly. Good with kids. Prefers small dogs.
DOG’S NEEDS: Would be best as the only pet. Lucy does not require lots of exercise but is always up for it. She has been true to her 2-3 energy blasts of excitement every day. She bolts around and likes to chase the ball etc. Very comical! Lucy is a lot of dog and not for just anyone she drools, counter snatches, vocal door greeter, she does have good manners and training. She is a sensitive girl and does not do well at all with dominance based interaction.
BEST MATCH: Home often persons whom are easy going and enjoy a quiet lifestyle.
FAVORITE THINGS: Cuddles, snow, toys and fetch!

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