Lucy (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Collie/Anatolian Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 years 8 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Born in Iran, Lucy suffered abuse as a puppy that subsequently led to blindness. She was rescued by an organization out of the Netherlands and flown to Canada to us in November 2021 and in foster care in Edmonton. She does not bump into things either and maneuvers in her space easily once she knows it. Lucy was born in Iran and suffered abuse and burns as a puppy. As result of trauma to her head a buildup of fluid on her brain led to blindness. Lucy is not 100% blind and can see dark objects in certain lighting. Until she learns her environment she does walk into things. Lucy saw a specialty ophthalmologist and neurologist who confirmed her eyes are healthy and no further intervention is needed for her to lead a happy life.
TEMPERAMENT: Due to her background, Lucy is learning to trust new people. In new environments she can be reactive out of fear and anxiety. Loud unexpected noises can scare her and if she feels threatened she will bark and and sometimes lunge. Once she’s comfortable and trusts her environment she is the sweetest dog and loves hugs, human touch and playing with dogs and people. Mainly, she just needs a chance to get settled in a forever home that understands her background did not have the socialization it needed then was living in a shelter/kennel environment.
PERSONALITY: Medium to low energy, Lucy is happy just being with her person/people. She has no separation anxiety and can be left alone when you go out. Or, she can go learn to go along with you for the ride. She has no problem with stairs. She would be good having a medium to large dog to play with and is exceptionally gentle. She loves to be outside going for walks, in the yard. She loves to be close to people she knows and is a great walking companion, enjoying smelling the air, things along the walk, and generally, so happy to get out each day to explore.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Due to her limited vision, Lucy should not go to a home with small children as they can be unpredictable and loud without warning. Lucy would be ok in a home over the age of 14 and likely best with females.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Lucy needs someone who understands her limitations and can slowly get her more socialized that has patience and consistency who will never yell or physically discipline her (goes for all our adoptions). She currently has a routine that works well for her, two meals twice a day, walking twice a day, and will put herself to bed in the evening and sleep until 7am. She would love to sleep on the floor beside your bed but will also be happy on a comfy dog bed blanket in living room or kitchen. Lucy is housetrained. Lucy can be frightened and anxious in new environments until she is comfortable. She needs experienced dog owner that understands she can over react and start barking if scared. Lucy is intelligent and has no problem learning to climb stairs. Lucy has no separation anxiety and can be left alone. She has almost no vision at night and can get scared of shadows. You can tell Lucy can see somewhat because she does not like garbage day and if outside walking she will bark at black garbage bins. Once Lucy is comfortable with her people she is a big cuddle bug and loves human touch. She LOVES hugs and will constantly try to get them and puts her paws on either side of your shoulders for a hug and affection. She prefers to sleep in your bedroom on the floor beside you on a comfy dog bed. No crates, she does not and should not be crated, there is no need. She will out herself to bed around 9pm and sleeps until the coffee maker goes off in the morning.
BEST MATCH: Lucy can be fearful at first of men, so if a home with men one that understands she if afraid at first due to her tragic upbringing and not to take it personally. Another dog in the household would be nice. A medium to large dog that she can learn from and play with. Dogs can learn to overcome this, and Lucy is no different. Time, patience, caution and understanding is what she needs.
FAVORITE THINGS: She loves being outside and going for walks, giving hugs and getting belly rubs. Lucy loves sticks and chewing on bones. Another dog in the household would be nice. A medium to large dog to play with would be great.

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