Mangee (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Domestic Shorthair
APPROX. AGE/DOB: 9 weeks old. Born August 25, 2017
SIZE: 2 lbs (Medium when full grown)
HISTORY: Hurricane Harvey rescue. Born day of the hurricane, no mother was found. Someone found them in debris and took them to an animal rescue center set up. They needed special care since only a couple days old so went to a volunteerā€™s house. She approached us to help find them homes since there was so many cats and kittens in the Houston Shelter they would likely of been euthanized šŸ™
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: Energetic, playful, and chill.
BEST MATCH: Responsible adopterā€™s who already have a cat or would like to adopt a sibling. Cats love to be with other cats and kittens. Itā€™s really necessary for their well-being. In Alberta cats need to be indoors due to predators, the cold, cars, owls, getting lostā€¦Hence, they need another cat and play station, climbing area and windows to look out.
FAVORITE THINGS: Chasing your toes, showing off, high speed chases, escaping my foster mom, popping up in the air, climbing up to be held.

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