BREED: Dutch Shepherd
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 years old
HISTORY: From NWT shelter that has many dogs not getting adopted up far north so the shelter flew Mara to us. She was a young dog in inappropriate home where there was no activity, no socialization, no guidance, taught little to no training. Basically, was purchased as a puppy from breeder then neglected then abandoned. Mara is an unfortunate purchase from a breeder then spent no time meeting her needs. Once they did not want her anymore, they abandoned her.
TEMPERAMENT: Mara is a strong-willed, determined, very intense, highly intelligent, active girl! She is not good around small dogs and either sees them as prey and is jealous if the pet is with you. Not a good match with cats or children either. We would not recommend dog parks either because of small dogs running free.
PERSONALITY: Mara has a friendly personality that is bordering too needy right now hence we are working on her confidence. She needs to learn more restraint and comfort on her own rather than feeling needy towards people that show her attention. Hence, not good with adopter that likes to shower their pet with attention. Mara needs the opposite: basic training with praise as reward. THEN, she gets attention. Her meals also would be good way to train her when teaching basics, and we HIGHLY recommend clicker training (food reward-marker based training), which is easy and fun. Mara is agile and needs a job, her breed dictates the need as well. She would EXCEL in Agility classes and no doubt, competition once reaches that level. Mara is good around medium and large dogs, and intimidated if anything, around large dogs that are confident.
BEST MATCH: Very Active family with dog skills. Needs activity and training. An adopter who would like to teach Mara new things, get her out to run and play. She’s a purebred and a working type dog, hence, agility sport would be best activity, and even lifestyle, for her. Search and Rescue would be another. Not for the average family. We suggest not in a home with children. An experienced dog owner that is a pack leader type. Experience with working dogs, shepherds in particular would be ideal. No cats, no small dogs, and we don’t recommend home with small children since Mara needs someone with extra time to spend teaching her and hopefully, agility classes.
FAVORITE THINGS: Learning and using her brain by way of getting attention. Agility Dog Sport we also feel she would love. Affection is her favourite thing from people she knows, hence, Reward Based training is best for Bella in order to receive praise without jealousy when other pets are present and to be more balanced and a well-rounded pet dog. Playing tug and chasing a ball.

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