Mara (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Dutch Shepherd
GENDER: Female
AGE: 14 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: 52 lbs.
HISTORY: From NWT shelter that has many dogs not getting adopted up far north so flew Mara to us. She was a young dog in inappropriate home where there was no activity, no socialization, no guidance, taught little to no training. Basically, was purchased as a puppy from breeder then neglected then abandoned. Mara is an unfortunate purchase from a breeder then spent no time meeting her needs. Once they did not want her anymore, they abandoned her.
TEMPERAMENT: Happy, friendly, but can be unsure and scared of strangers. We don’t know how is with cats yet. Please check with us.
PERSONALITY: Nice dog. Does not like being confined.
BEST MATCH: Very Active family with dog skills. Needs activity and training. An adopter who would like to teach Mara new things, get her out to run and play. She’s a purebred and a working type dog, hence, agility sport would be best activity, and even lifestyle, for her. Search and Rescue would be another. Not for the average family. We suggest not in a home with children. An experienced dog owner that is a pack leader type. Experience with working dogs, shepherds in particular would be ideal.
FAVORITE THINGS: Learning and using her brain we feel would be her favourite activity. Agility Dog Sport we also feel she would love.

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