Mathilda (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Lab mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 3 years old
HISTORY: Rescued from an abusive owner in Cozumel.
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium / Small, 22 lbs.
TEMPERAMENT: Shy due to her sad previous home. Can tell was not socialized much. She is really good around other dogs and bit hesitant to be with strangers at first then gravitates towards them to have company. Timid due to her former home. She never had a good home then ended up in the city animal shelter all alone except for a companion dog in her cage. She and her companion were good together.
PERSONALITY: Gentle, sweet, unassuming. Grateful. Scared in the shelter cage. Quiet. She watches the other dogs from a small distance. She does not know how to interact and play with them or chase a ball. She approaches people to be near them for company. She is sad due to her background. We have no doubt in no time in Canada she will be happy and playful and a wonderful pet.
BEST MATCH: Quiet loving home where adopter? understands to go a little bit slower with her so she gets used to being with new people and learning new things. He will be a great dog no doubt in apartment or condo. With a quiet couple, children OK but not really young children due to noise and fast movements likely scare her at first. Mathilda does not know how to play with toys, people or other dogs. Needs an adopter to teach her. We will as well at the Rescue Centre and if has a foster home.
FAVORITE THINGS: Company of loving, calm, nice people.

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