Maverick (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Heeler mix
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
I’M MAVERICK, a large 2 year old heeler mix that isn’t for everyone. I’m more a one-on-one dog person, if you know what I mean. As much as everyone is trying, I’m just not big on new people I don’t know, I prefer the comfort of knowing my leader and in return, I’m a real loyal, obedient, eager to follow directions kind of dog. If you are looking to adopt a large, mellow, reserved, quiet dog, yes, with a few hangups, please keep on reading…

I was born almost two years ago to a homeless mother dog from a First Nations community and raised in the best of care…until, adopted and ended up growing bigger than family expected and around two young children that made me very nervous with their noise, running and toys. I was returned full grown and full of anxiety. I’m MUCH better now! That was a half year ago. How many times have you heard a dog needs a ‘farm’ or ‘ranch’? I’m actually one of those kind of pets. I stay near the house when outside and a good companion inside. I would enjoy the outdoors when you are outside and can handle cold days outside with you, just don’t want to be left alone outside. ** I want a human companion.** I’m very chill and relaxed when not a lot of commotion. I am sweet, shy and fearful of new people I don’t yet know well, I have trust issues due to my upbringing. But I’m still a good dog!

BEST MATCH FOR ME: Experienced large dog owner, quiet lifestyle that doesn’t want to go for leash walks around strangers *wants a dependable, loyal dog, someone that wants a dog that gets along with other dogs and cats and enjoying playing with active dogs, doesn’t want to have their dog meeting new people coming and going from the house, more of a quiet, reserved lifestyle, a watchdog that will let you know if someone or something is lurking about outside when I’m out on the deck, a serious, somewhat of an introvert rather than outgoing, another medium dog that wants a playmate and companionship when my leader is gone to work or errands.

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