Maverick (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Heeler mix
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
HISTORY: Was born to a homeless mother, adopted, returned when adopter’s didn’t want to keep him any longer. He was in a home whereas the owners were not pack leaders. No one was in control, and Maverick did not want that role, it’s not his nature. It made him feel insecure. They adopted him as a puppy. No rules and boundaries were set and he grew to a big dog. Having young kids without enough time and understanding of raising a puppy, maverick’s needs took a back seat.
TEMPERAMENT: Maverick is a sensitive, sweet boy. He is a little shy, calm, a middle ranking dog. Low key, mild temperament.
PERSONALITY: Maverick enjoys one on one attention. He is easy going. Not active when not playing. He’s likes to play and run with other dogs and likes a calm environment when not out running. He listens well. He has a lot of feelings, you can just see it, feel it. He wants someone to love him, to be his leader.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who would like a good companion, to take on walks, to dog parks to run. Perhaps another large or medium dog for company and to play/run with. Someone to continue to work on basic training. Being he is large, a home without little kids or teens, since he prefers a quiet atmosphere. He is good around cats and the chihuahuas and puppies. Someone to take him on hikes and adventures would be nice. A single person or couple would be a good match. He would be a good jogging/biking buddy too. A good match is a leader type of owner, one in charge, not a push over. An experienced large dog owner that Maverick could follow their lead and relax someone is in control, that he can relax and be the pet dog.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing/chasing other dogs in the yard. Lounging on comfy dog bed and sleeping at night next to your bed. Going for walks.
NOTES: Maverick is good at home on his own in the house. He actually would make a fine condo dog as long as got out to dog parks to run. He likes to lounge around the house. He is quiet and doesn’t bark very often. He looks like a large heeler.

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