BREED: Golden Lab
GENDER: Male (neutered)
APPROX. AGE: 5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Max is mid-size but bulky and husky. He weighs 34 kg.
HISTORY: Max was a surrendered dog due to the fact that his owner was an elderly gentleman that had to go into care and couldn’t take his dog. He was living by himself for a number of weeks, being checked on.
TEMPERMENT: Max is a very laid back dog. He doesn’t play much at the moment but that may change once he’s around dogs a little more. He is good with other dogs as well as cats. He has a gentle mouth and loves attention
PERSONALITY: Max has a happy personality. Tail is always up. He is a timid dog who has not had a lot of exposure to the outside world. He is leery of stairs and car.rides (has so far only been on 3 in his life). He is a strong dog who so far, pulls on a leash. He has not had much training. He can sit – but mostly on his terms. He is stubborn, very strong and.can be frightened very easily although he has not become aggressive when frightened.
BEST MATCH: Max will do best going to a family that has someone who can handle his strength and weight. He need to go to a family that will have e patience with him. Although he is 5 years old he will need training to listen, walk nicely, and learn and follow commands. I don’t think much was asked of him in his past. He would probably do best not around very small children due to his size and weight and unfamiliarity with children and doesn’t know how to behave around them.
FAVORITE THINGS: Max loves wet food , not so keen on kibble. And he likes my female dogs (a little too much! 🙂

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