BREED: Heeler Mix
APPROX. AGE: 3 Years
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Poppy came to us from another rescue group. RMAR was not aware of his seizures and “quirks” until he came to us, but this doesn’t mean we love him any less! We do believe he struggled with a trauma or illness earlier on in life, leading to the neurological disorder he now has.
TEMPERAMENT: Poppy does walk/prance/run a little differently than other dogs, which we believe is due to the neurological issue, but he does not let that slow him down! He can run and play wrestle with similar sized dogs and often initiates play but he also knows when to stop if the other dog is not in a receptive mood. Poppy has been living with cats since going to his foster home, and is able to live peacefully with them even if they rub up to his legs or take a nap on his bed/blanket. In the house, Poppy is typically quiet and content and will ask to go outside to relieve himself. He is not at all destructive and learns household routines very fast! He does, however, bark at vehicles and strange new noises. Poppy knows to sit nicely wait his turn for treats even when other dogs are around. He is still somewhat challenged by stairs and hardwood/tile floors but is able to slowly figure it out and go slowly if needed. If Poppy becomes anxious or is startled by a very loud and strange new noise, he can start barking and biting uncontrollably. He does not attack or lunge at people to bite them during this seizure episode but due care must be taken to not be in his space during these episodes as he is not able to control his movements. His fosters have been managing these episodes by standing back, and letting him calm down, or even telling him to “STOP IT” or “NO” as these words do seem to get through to him. The episodes are typically only a few seconds long and if it is a reaction to a strange loud noise will cease once the noise goes away. He does desensitize to most noises over time once they become “routine.” Poppy is currently on medication to reduce the seizures and he has been going for greater lengths of time seizure free. He is such a sweet natured, loving dog who regardless of seizures is hard not to fall in love with.
BEST MATCH: An adopter/adopters in an adult only home with a secured large yard and another dog for him to interact, run, and play/socialize with. He needs an adopter who understands his special needs and wants to see him thrive and have quality of life. A ranch, farm or acreage would be ideal! Poppy is currently being fostered just minutes south of Calgary on an acreage and the foster family is open to “boarding” Poppy should his new family need someone to help with watching him during vacations or for emergencies.
FAVOURITE THINGS: A soft tummy rub with gentle hands and a lap to crawl onto for cuddles. Treats. A dog friend to play and run with. Walking and exploring. Mostly, just a place to lay his head, close his eyes and know he is safe at the end of every day.

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