Megara (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: King Shepherd/Husky Cross
SEX: Female
AGE: 4 months old
SIZE: Medium-Large
HISTORY: Megi was rescued from the communities surrounding The Pas, MB, where they have many many stray animals and no one to care for them. The RCMP in the area had threatened to execute the dogs, and RMAR responded the Flin Flon SPCA’s call for help. Megi is one of the pups that we were able to bring to Alberta in hopes that we would free up more space out in The Pas, and reduce the number of poor homeless pups who would be put to an untimely death.
TEMPERAMENT: Megi is definitely still a puppy, she loves going outside on walks and exploring, and can be timid in new environments or with new people. Once she’s comfortable, she loves playing, but isn’t too conscious of her own size so her play can get a little too rough for smaller dogs. When Megi arrived, she would howl for everything, but has learned that howling is much more of an outside activity and does not do so indoors very much anymore. She will try and “talk” to you when she needs something, and can be protective of her food (likely due to her past), but is crate trained and is learning that food is no longer such a limited resource and that she does need to learn to share.
BEST MATCH: An adoptive family who will keep her physically and mentally stimulated with lots of walks, hikes, and outdoor activities.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Maggie likes to play fetch (but only once or twice), blankets and lying on soft things, chicken and liver (and all treats), and playing with other dogs.

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