BREED: Lab mix
SEX: Male
APPROX. AGE: 2-3 years old
SIZE: Large, 115lbs
HISTORY: From Flin Flon Reserve where he was a homeless dog. He walked kids to school in the mornings. A woman who knew of him out there in the cold and hungry rounded up many other similar dogs and brought to us.
TEMPERAMENT: Moose is very sweet with people, although he is not good with small dogs. If out on a walk, he would need to wear a muzzle. He will bark at people when they come in the house but warms up immediately. He loves to play but is also very chill and just wants attention.
BEST MATCH: We do not recommend a home with other dogs unless have a large dog and want to meet first to see how they do. We do not recommend with children or small dogs. Although, he is currently in a home with a small dog but out on a walk, he tried no other dogs or small kids (he’s too big and doesn’t realize it). He doesn’t like other dogs and can be aggressive with some dogs. Someone who will put him into obedience classes, a strong leader, an adopter that is ok muzzling Moose with a basket muzzle when going to dog park. He really needs someone that can enforce rules and boundaries, and use praise and attention as rewards. No softies for this big boy. He needs a firm leader. Moose is super cute, but he needs a responsible owner that is not intimated by a large dog and knows how to be in control
FAVOURITE THINGS: Toys (stuffed ones he can cuddle with), cuddles, kisses, shadows, more cuddles.

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