Mouse (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Husky/Pitbull mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 weeks as of Nov. 22
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium when full grown
HISTORY: Found 3 weeks of age under abandoned care parts in harsh environment, cold, hungry, shivering, and eyes just open. Mother was nearby in a dirt hole keeping an eye on her 6 puppies. We learned one did not survive the cold but the others and the mother all saved and in wonderful foster homes awaiting a furever one!
TEMPERAMENT: Shy, playful & calm. Loves to be cuddled.
PECKING ORDER: Bottom of the pack. Submissive. Easy going. Likes to explore around the house and play with her sister Minnie.
PERSONALITY: Very loving, quiet, affectionate, playful.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with her sister Minnie. Eating!
NOTE/LOCATION: Mouse will be fostered in Surrey, BC, near Vancouver along with her sister Minnie that is already adopted.

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