Negrito (ADOPTED!!)


* PLEASE NOTE – Negrito is blind. He is in foster care in Kimberley, BC and fosterer works in Cranbrook.

BREED MIX: Lab mix
APPROX. AGE & DOB: Mid January 2017
SIZE & WEIGHT: 7 pounds at 8 weeks of age. Estimated to be medium size.
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: One of three pups, aging mother in Cuba. Flew back with a Canadian lady on holiday to Vancouver. Puppy is presently in Vancouver.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Outgoing, rascal, very active, super playful.
DOG’S NEEDS: Safe zone, no rocks or things a blind puppy can pick up.
BEST MATCH: Someone who can provide an enclosed area, time to play with him, teach him things a blind puppy would need.
FAVORITE THINGS: Leather gloves, sandals, snuggly blanket, someone to play tug with him!

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