BREED: Lab/Husky mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 years old
HISTORY: Was surrendered along with her 9 pups. Upon surrendering she had an injured eye due to being mauled which had to be removed. She is now doing well after surgery.
TEMPERAMENT: Olivia is very outgoing and bonds well with people who know and love her. She enjoys running and playing, and also gently playing inside the house with other dogs that match her temperament and size.
PERSONALITY: “I’m Olivia! Recently had surgery, as you can see. My eye had to be removed after I had been rescued after a dog mauling that punctured my eye. I feel happy fine now! Playful, full of energy, enjoying the life! I’m a young husky/lab that got pregnant as a teen and now my babies are all adopted it’s my time to get a forever home!” She has a funny personality who loves to run and play then relax inside with people. She wants to be near people inside if she is not outside playing in the yard.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: We do not recommend with cats since she thinks chasing them once in a while is fun. She really likes to chase squirrels!
PETS NEEDS: Olivia needs adopter with experience with dogs and can teach basic obedience. She needs a leader that can take her to dog parks running off leash, and even better, an adopter who is looking for a jogging buddy. She loves adventures in cars. She likes to run and play in a large yard with other medium or large playful dogs with energy to run and chase.
BEST MATCH: An adopter with large yard and ideally another dog for her to play with. Experienced dog ownership. If someone looking for a dog that guards the property, she’s a good choice too. She loves to roam outside if can, and watches for any coyotes or anything of interest. She is eager to get out daily to run fast and explore, so trips to the dog park a must! And/or a yard she can run around in thats large. An individual or couple that likes to runs, bikes, hikes, and like to take her on adventures outdoors. She also loves the snow. Experienced pet owner with basic training, positive reinforcement and proper discipline. She has been around many cats in the house and mostly ignores them but would not trust if a cat was outside if it ran. A good high fence otherwise, she can jump over to chase squirrels. Olivia is very independent, She’s very bold, she would be good in a home with another strong playful dog or by herself. She can jump easily over small fences, but after running around, comes back home. So, no small fences if live in an area that she cannot be running free outside.
FAVORITE THINGS: She loves to be with people. Love her meals. She likes to sniff yard for mice and gophers in long grass (maybe a bit too much!) Above all she loves playing with other dogs that have energy to run and play chase. Tag is her favourite game. Regular trips to the Dog parks for sure! Olivia loves nothing more than to run outside by herself or another dog and explore and then come inside in relax and a cushy dog bed.

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