BREED: Husky
APPROX. AGE: 4 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medim/Large, 66 lbs.
HISTORY: Was living in an abusive home in heat in Cozumel. He was rescued and hot humid extremely thin from not being fed regularly. His owners did not care about feeding him or his needs to be out of the extreme sun and heat.
TEMPERAMENT: Oso is affectionate, playful and sociable with other dogs. He likes people and loves the people who love him. Oso has a lot of confidence, full of energy (he’s a husky!), who likes to run, play and run some more! He can guard his food and water, obviously due from never having much. He can learn in due time he will have as much as he needs :).
very mellow and playful with other dogs. We don’t know yet how he is with cats.
PERSONALITY: Oso is mellow, a very excellent husky! He’s funny, sweet and playful.
BEST MATCH: We’re looking for an active home with outdoor activities and outings. An adopter that is a natural leader of people and dogs, firm and fair. No pushovers or couch potatoes for this pretty boy! No small children since we’re working on food and water guarding issues and really needs an active outdoor lifestyle in snow so we’re hoping for a young couple or individual that is regularly active outdoors in winter. Skiing, snow shoeing. hiking, sledding…ski touring. Things like that!
FAVORITE THINGS: Water! While in Cozumel! And running!

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