Paisley (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Newfoundland/Husky
GENDER: Female
AGE: 3 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT:  Large, 75 lbs.
HISTORY: Paisley is a surrender dog due to no time for her. Paisley was kept at home a lot and did not experience a lot of outdoor activities so is nervous at first but she’s getting better every day.
TEMPERAMENT: Paisley is very independent. She is very sweet, loving, and has energy but also is very relaxed.
PERSONALITY: Paisley is a low key, calm, easy going dog that enjoys being in the home with people who love her. She needs more socialization  in new places since did not get that much when growing up. Paisley can have anxiety in the places she’s never been, although once she realized she is safe she relaxes. Paisley needs to experience new places with positive energy so she can relax and thoroughly enjoy herself but she does on walks. She is very loving and endearing.
BEST MATCH: She loves outings, running and exploring. she needs lots of exercise and socialization with other dogs and people. Who is best match with a couple that like outdoor activities. A family with older children, teenagers. A calm household. She would also work well in an apartment or condo. She does not need to be matched with another dog like many dogs do. She’s fine being an only dog. She does well around cats and small dogs. We think small children and make her nervous. Paisley is a gem.
FAVORITE THINGS: She loves playing in the water, going camping, playing fetching a ball a ball with you, and loves going on leash walks to explore, sniff and see the outdoors, especially hike type activities with trees in nature. Dog parks enjoying running off leash.

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