SEX: Male
SIZE: Medium
BREED: Besenji/Shepherd mix
APPROX AGE: 8 months old
HISTORY: When Pax (previously Milo) was 4 months old, he was found hungry and alone on the streets of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia by a concerned citizen with no way to fend for himself from the cars or harsh climate. Due to the limited number of facilities and vet clinics available to care for dogs in Tabuk, the rescuer could only provide Pax with the basics and would go back to feed him each day until one day he found Pax in a really bad state – Pax had wounds all over his body like he had been abused or attacked by another dog. After reaching out to multiple rescue groups in the city of Jeddah, Pax was taken in by Tabuk Paws (a volunteer run animal rescue organization in Saudi Arabia), who ensured he got the medical help he needed and transported him to Animal Rescue Jeddah (a different volunteer run animal rescue organization in Saudi Arabia) as they were able to provide temporary shelter until he could find a home.
TEMPERAMENT: Pax is a very playful pup who loves playing with all other four legged friends! He loves filling his day playing and running, is good with everyone he’s met (children and strangers included), and is almost fully house trained! Pax is working on building up his confidence when meeting strange new dogs, and learning that the other four-legged friends in Canada are more geared towards playing rather than what he’s found in his past, but his temporary fosters in Saudi Arabia say he’s learning fast!
BEST MATCH: An adopter who would love Pax, give him lots of snuggles, bring him on adventures and make sure he grows up with his sad history far from his mind!
FAVOURITE THINGS: Running, adventures, playing, and being a puppy!

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