Peaches (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Pitbull/Bull dog mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 4 years old
SIZE: Large
HISTORY: Peaches was from the large Las Vegas shelter, found shut down, highly depressed.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Peaches is outgoing, she is pushy (likes to be in the house and pushes past you. She needs a firm, more strong willed leader than her). She can be dog reactive, so a home without other dogs. We don’t know about cats yet or children, but for now would not recommend children. Since being rescued from the shelter, she has learned new things, learned to trust, great on walks and to snuggle up with (there is nothing better than a pitbull snuggle). She is still not great with all dogs, so we recommend a home with no other dogs or someone who knows dogs and especially bully breeds. Peaches is a great companion for around the house, car rides (her fav), and walking on leash. Please cross post for us to help her get a home and forward to people you know that looking for a dog like Peaches.
BEST MATCH: An experienced bully breed adopter. An adopter with leadership skills, no other dog, responsible owner, will take the train to teach good basics and understand pitbull breeds. A quiet, calm home and lifestyle. She’d make a great companion for an adopter that is either working a standard 8 hours a day, or working from home. She is good in the house by herself.
FAVORITE THINGS: Being in the house and going for car rides. Human companionship. She loves walking around on leash sniffing things. Peaches LOVES to be outside and the cold and ice do not seem to bother her at all. She will go and go and go walking no problem. Pretty lazy and like to be in your lap to get head rubs and cuddles. Couch Potatoes, do apply! She just loves to be with someone and cuddle up. Sweet like a peach.

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