Peanut Butter (ADOPTED!!)

Peanut Butter

NAME: Peanut Butter (PB)
SEX: Female
BREED: Border Collie x Bernese Mountain Dog mix
AGE: 10 weeks (as of Aug 18)
HISTORY: PB’s Momma, Molly, was found pregnant in Northern Alberta near the reservations, shortly after coming into our care, she gave birth to 3 puppies, but sadly, only PB and her sister, Jelly, made it.
PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Regal, smart, playful, gentle and extremely calm and mellow for a puppy! She’s already learned to sit and come for her foster family and loves getting positive attention but can be very independent. PB did wonderfully at the Airdrie Car Show with her sister and Momma, playing with the other puppies as well as exploring and adventuring!
FAVOURITE THINGS: Belly rubs and new things!

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