BREED: Akita/Husky mix
APPROX. AGE: 5 months old
SIZE: Large when full grown
HISTORY: Living outside with no proper caretaking in Morley, Alberta and surrendered. Wonderful genetics of parents.
TEMPERAMENT: Easy going, friendly, very calm for a puppy. Like a little teddy bear.
PERSONALITY: Loves to play, is very friendly, loves to cuddle, low maintenance. Good with kids and other pets.
PETS NEEDS: Enjoys playing, and loves walks, running and romping at dog park.
BEST MATCH: Pepper would be great for anyone because of his demeanour and calmness. He enjoys being outside. An adopter who is a leader and sets rules and boundaries since will be a big boy. Ongoing socialization many place, people, new experiences. Basic obedience , regular running exercise.
FAVORITE THINGS: Pepper likes playing with his foster brother and sleeping in the shade. He enjoys playing tug-o-war and playing with his toys.

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