Mily (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Beagle mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2 1/2 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium/Small
TEMPERAMENT: Very docile, sweet and shy. Would love to have love, but only knows it from her sister so far. She isn’t social with people unless they have yummy food since she’s never experienced much individual caring interactions until arrival into Canada.
HISTORY: She has spent most her life homeless in Tijuana, Mexico barely surviving, then in the dog pound (a not good place), then to Maria’s sanctuary in Mexico until flown to Calgary on August 23. She also has leg deformities on her back legs known as angular limb deformity. It is a bone growth abnormality that causes a limb to grow curved or bowed rather than straight.
HEALTH: Mily’s deformities will be checked out with a vet in Canada soon. She is healthy otherwise. An adopter would need to be fine knowing Mili’s legs will be crooked, she is not perfect, and would be limited in how much physical activity she receives. She monitors it herself too, she knows her limits 🙂
PERSONALITY: Mily hasn’t had a chance for her personality to develop. At present she is beginning to show less fear, come closer for attention and food and showing less fear in general. It won’t take much time to become a nice pet as long as her adopter shows her love and gives her daily individual one on one to learn to trust.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who understands her needs taking the time to get to know her, bring her out of her shell, experience the world and day to day activities. An adopter who has patience and understanding of Mily’s background. She is good around cats and dogs. Likely not a good match with children due to the children’s desire to have a pet that wants to be close. Someone that would hand feed her, teach her the leash is a good thing with loose leash handling, has a nice backyard that is fenced, and responsible mature adult(s). We’d love Mili to adopted together, although their dependence on one another would slow down their rehab immensely and many great adopters only can have one dog. We wouldn’t want to lose out on a great home for either dog. We’re seeing who applies to decide what is the best action for adoption of both mily and Pily. Mily’s sister Pily doesn’t have the leg deformities. The two sisters are close to one another.
FAVORITE THINGS: Scampering on grass, hanging out with a dog friend. Tasty treats. She is enjoying coming out from her crate and feeling more confident on her own and exploring away from her crate that she was used to spending most her time in. She just learned that running on grass is fine, and was so full of glee the other day running! It didn’t bother her legs, for that matter, at times they look and appear normal, straight…then they go back to the crooked stance. When moving, they bend and stretch.

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