Pippi & Peppa

BREED: Domestic Short Hair (both)
GENDER: Female (both)
APPROX. AGE:10 months old (Pipp1), 2 months old (Peppa)
SIZE & WEIGHT: Small (both)
HISTORY: Surrendered in community in N. Saskatchewan (both)
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY – Pippi: Calm, sweet, quiet, unassuming, affectionate.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY – Peppa: Very playful, will find things to play with. Calm, sweet, quiet, unassuming, affectionate. Likes to be held and affection. So adorable Peppa is!
BEST MATCH: We’re hoping an adopter would like to adopt the two, Peppa with her young teen mother Pippi. Both like someone to give cuddles. Kittens like playmates and cats to snuggle with.
FAVORITE THINGS: Spending time together. Getting attention from people and them playing with them with cats toys, snuggling with each other, or people who snuggle them.

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