Poncho (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua/Terrier Cross
SEX: Male
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Small (10 lbs)
HISTORY: Poncho first arrived at Desert Tails Animal Shelter in Phoenix, AZ after being picked up as a stray in Winslow, AZ. He had been found wandering route 66, and in need of medical care. Desert Tails made sure he regained his health, neutered him, and kept him safe for 4 months and then decided he would likely find a better life here in Canada!
TEMPERAMENT: Poncho is a curious, playful, gentle, dog with puppy like behaviour, who prances through life! He does need to learn some manners as it doesn’t seem he’s lived in a home before, but gets along well with everyone he’s met so far – though he occasionally needs a little warm up time.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who will be patient with him as he learns how to be a ‘pet’ and live in a home. He is great with kids and other dogs, and will meet some kitties soon.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Cuddling, being carried around, falling asleep in someone’s arms, sitting on laps, playing with toys and getting treats! He loves to sit on the back of the couch where he can observe everything going on and playing with other dogs or with people! Poncho likes to think he’s the boss, so often tries to be the ‘referee’ when other dogs are playing.

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