BREED MIX: Heeler mix
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE: Medium
PERSONALITY: Poppy is very active, lively boy who was born with an usual neurological issue that causes him to prance differently at times when walking. He also sometimes barks at the air or walls intermittently when anxiety or commotion triggers something in his brain, hence, he is looking for a home that is calm with adults only. Poppy is playful, happy-go-lucky most of the time, often, never know anything is amiss.
TEMPERAMENT: Poppy is a sensitive boy yet outgoing at the same time. We think he is best placed with another playful dog to help balance out his quirks of periods of barking into the air, wall, or crate. He is crate trained and runs in for his meals. He pays attention to someone teaching him new skills and needs an experienced dog owner.
BEST MATCH: Poppy is best placed in a home with a yard and another dog for him to interact, run, and play with. Poppy needs a person who cares about his special needs and wants to adopt him anyway and see him thrive. An adopter who has large space outdoors would be good for him to run fast, he loves that. He isn’t a good candidate for dog parks, but good with other dogs that would live at the house to keep each other company. Poppy can be left alone without any problem so an adopter can work a regular work week with no trouble. He has not been destructive, but can bark at times, so no condos.
FAVORITE THINGS: He likes to interact with a game of fetch, he likes people to throw balls for him to run after. Poppy also loves to wrestle/play with other playful dogs his size or larger.


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