Poppy (A Special Dog Who Needs A Special Home)

BREED MIX: Heeler mix
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE: Medium
PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Poppy is not our normal dog for adoption. He came from another rescue group and we were not aware of his disability until after we had him. He is an active, lively boy born with an usual neurological problem. When he becomes anxious, or sudden loud noises occur, he can start barking and biting at the air, wall, or anything directly in front of him. He does not attack to bite, he has something similar to an epileptic seizure, although, it’s not. He bites at whatever is directly in front of him, so you don’t want to put your hand out to sooth him, you could get bit. If you stand back, or even tell him to Stop IT!….his brain registers this and he usually can stop. Basically, you wait it out, which is about 20 seconds.

His disability causes Poppy to walk/prance/run a little oddly. Due to intermittently biting in place when anxiety or commotion triggers something in his brain, Poppy’s needs a quiet home that with adults only. Poppy is playful, happy-go-lucky most of the time, and LOVES to wrestle, run and play with other young dogs his size or larger. Due to food aggression around his food bowl, Poppy needs to eat his food in peace without other animals or people next to him. And of course, no children. He previously starved and no doubt this is also triggered in his brain when food is given to him.

Poppy is good around all dogs and cats, even with his unusual anxiety. He would make a great jogging partner. He is well housebroken. He likes being outside and in. He could be outside in a heated dog house in winter if need be, at least part of the time, since he enjoys being inside and part of the family.

He will soon be receiving medication to see if that helps with his disorder. Poppy isn’t keen with stairs….but once going up or down, he figures it out. The initial steps causes some anxiety since it appears he can’t quite figure out how to go up or down. Once he does it regularly, he usually can continue with them.

Even with his problems, Poppy is extremely loving, affectionate, and playful. He particularly enjoys someone sitting nearby in the yard watching him run to you back and forth. He loves the company of people.
BEST MATCH: Poppy is best placed in a home with a yard and another dog for him to interact, run, and play with. Poppy needs a person who cares about his special needs and wants to adopt him anyway and see him thrive. An adopter who has large space outdoors would be good for him to run fast, he loves that. He isn’t a good candidate for dog parks, but good with other dogs that would live at the house to keep each other company. Poppy can be left alone without any problem so an adopter can work a regular work week with no trouble. He has not been destructive, but can bark at times, so no condos.
FAVORITE THINGS: He likes to interact with a game of fetch, he likes people to throw balls for him to run after. Poppy also loves to wrestle/play with other playful dogs his size or larger.


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