Queso (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Chihuahua
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
HISTORY: From California shelter, once homeless on the streets as a stray. No one came for him and he had been in the shelter which is noisy and scary especially for little dogs.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Queso is outgoing, curious, bold, up for adventures. He takes time to warm up to people since doesn’t trust yet people he doesn’t know. Once in a home setting and better life experience, he likely will be more balanced and cheery in short time. At current time, shortly after life in a shelter cage, he’s on edge, uncertain, bit scared. Queso has energy for long walks, hiking and running. Smart little guy. He would be fine in a home with another dog or on his own. Be nice to have a yard for running around and doing his business.
BEST MATCH: An adopter looking for little dog that has active lifestyle. Being little, doesn’t keep Queso down! He has energy for running at dog parks, hiking, car outings. Being he is scared of new people at this point, an adopter without children and who understands he needs to learn the ropes, go out in society, and learn basic obedience (with reward based training only), rules, boundaries, and to pay attention to his owner, which is through basics training and friendship. An adopter that likes dressing up little dogs, since little Queso will need a warm sweater with a jacket over it for winter outdoor walks and playtime.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for long walks. He Loves sniffing grass, plants, checking out his environment during leash walks.

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