Riley (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Shepard/Husky Cross
SEX: Female
APPROX. AGE: 6 months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Riley was rescued from the communities surrounding The Pas, MB, where they have many many stray animals and no one to care for them. The RCMP in the area had threatened to execute the dogs, and RMAR responded the Flin Flon SPCA’s call for help. Riley is one of the pups that we were able to bring to Alberta in hopes that we would free up more space out in The Pas, and reduce the number of poor homeless pups who would be put to an untimely death.
TEMPERAMENT: Riley outgoing and enjoys the company of older humans, and is friendly but cautious around small children (under 5). She is submissive around other dogs but loves playing with her four-legged kin. She is interested in squirrels but can be redirected quite easily and she’s a very quick learner and quickly becomes quite attached to her humans. Her fosters have noted that she does not bark at other dogs or if the doorbell rings. Riley is keen to learn new skills so someone who can spend time with her training (ex. clicker training) will be rewarded with a dog that is well-behaved and welcome everywhere.
BEST MATCH: Riley is an active dog and would do best with a family involved in weekly outdoor activities. She is calm indoors and during car rides, but does prefer to be outside, so a home with fenced backyard would be best for her. She prefers to sleep on a dog bed or blanket at night but is crate trained.
FAVOURITE THINGS: She is currently in a puppy chewing mode so having sticks and chewable objects available is entertaining for her. She loves walking in the woods and spends most of her time sniffing and exploring. She prefers to be around people and not spend too much time alone. She loves healthy ‘people’ snacks (frozen blueberries, apples and all sorts of fresh veggies) and marrow bones from the butcher.

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