Rocky (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Malamute
AGE: 6 years (born Dec 10, 2012)
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large, 80.5lbs
HISTORY: Previously kept in garage and side of a house in mud with no toys, shelter, or bed. Previous owner has two small children. Rocky was kept outside once the kids came along. A concerned person came around and saw his collar was very matted into his fur, bald spot were under his neck due to lack of grooming and too tight of a wet collar. He was neglected, owners apologized to me when I took him.
TEMPERAMENT: He is sad, curious, grateful to explore and be in the house. He does love being outdoors. We think he has prey drive towards cats and bunnies, but don’t know for sure. He does not like to be touched when he is eating/drinking/sleeping. He may bite feeling he needs to protect his food or space. He gets the most excited when he knows he is going for a walk or even just outside.
PERSONALITY: Calm, sweet, feels shy to ask for pets but will approach you and stand in front of you with his back facing you when he wants to be. He hangs his head very low in sadness. He just needs love. He does what he is told. He is trained in sit, let’s go, come here, lie down, paw and he can catch treats in the air. When walking, curious about everything as it is all new to him.
BEST MATCH: Someone who is willing to help Rocky become a pet. Someone who can give him company every few hours, knows how to train in socialization, some behaviour correcting, and territorial belongings, someone who can take him out for walks and runs. He is calm, not hyper. He is very strong and not leash trained. Needs an adopter who knows are leash walk training or would work with our behaviourist to learn.
FAVORITE THINGS: Rubber toys, beef treats, being able to slowly take his time and explore while on walks (as he wasn’t walked months/years), being outdoors, petting, human company. Loves being outside, pets, and spoken to sweetly. Likes to be baby talked. He howls when he hears fire truck/police sirens. He gets the most excited when he sees his leash as he knows it’s time for outside.

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